On the ocean floor of Alataya,Tunisia in North Africa , you are able to view a very unique “Underwater Spiral” . So far , this is the only one I have ever found underwater in North Africa like these, the others in Africa I have mentioned are very similiar but used differently, but as mentioned in previous post’s about spirals in Africa , Cuba, Indonesia and Australia , they can be found in many variety’s and used for different reasons.

I will present the Area from a higher perspective first, to a Zoomed in final viewing of the Great Underwater Spiral of Africa. I do not have that many images, and they are not perfect but still present its beauty. In one image particular , you can see there was another but its very hard to see.

Note : Area will be shown again in a future post towards some other mysterious markings that can be found nearby , that also show connections to other markings mentioned in Indonesia.

Location : 11°18′40.8″E, 34°44′11.8″N , Can only be viewed by ArcGIS

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