Just as enigmatic as the Mystery Water Spirals found around the world in several places I have mentioned so far , the Water Spirals of Cuba connect with them all in some unknown manner. The Water People traveled the world and shared a basic knowledge to expand all waterways to what ever desire . With what seems like a simply basic technique , which is mark the land being worked , make sure water flows around area where Mystery Spirals are placed, then let time and nature do the rest.

Mystery Water Spirals Of Cuba.

These I show within Cuba , Bahia de Malaqueta , Location : 78°05′55.3″W,22°11′39.5″N .

They are very hard to see. I will present the best I can from what I found in one small area where they are still visible to see and show. Some are exactly like those found in the Africa post’s about man-made lakes where they used them to create the lakes and within another section I mention . They also look just as similiar to those found in Indonesia. Nothing like those in Australia though , but just as mysterious they are.

Within the images which come from both Google Earth and ArcGIS . You get to see as much can be shown within the area of water , where they are placed . The last few images show a more meaningful placement like I have seen in Africa . Where it connects from one to another in a basic straight line. I tried to do my best with images presented by trying to increase the contrast again for some areas . Not as pretty as shown in Africa and else where but you can see they are what they are , Mystery Water Spirals of Cuba.

Now that I have come across these from one of the world to the other , I can clearly state they are an important element to understanding a great deal about the past that some mysterious Water People have played a big part in creating and shaping many of the worlds water ways .

I hope it informs . Thanks for dropping in.