5000 miles away from Africa in Semayand Lake, Indonesia , you can come across Water Spirals just like I have shown in the Lakes of Africa. They are not as impressive and can only be found in one area , because not to many waterways presented , and I got lucky seeing these , for the water was receded in area and I would not have seen them otherwise. This peculiar knowledge of creating waterways using spirals is a knowledge shared to all of the world at onetime. The Water People traveled the world before boats were invented. They can only be viewed using ArcGIS .

The images are not great , very dark at times , I had to try and adjust some of them with more contrast, and there is not that many to show. Still important though.

Location : 116°28′52.9″E, 0°12′30.5″S

Accompanying this Water Spirals are some unique pointers which I have seen elsewhere, just dont have it in mind right now, but in time I am sure I will post some more .

With these Water Spirals showing up so far away from Africa and in the same setting of creating a lake , I can now expect to find some more somewhere else I am sure. I know Australia has plenty of Spirals everywhere. I might cover that next .

I hope it informs again. Thanks for visiting.