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Ethiopia, One Big Piece Of An Ancient Puzzle.

There are many mysterious markings around the world that will provide clues to our true ancient past, but none as mysterious as those found in Ethiopia,Africa. The unknown presence or acknowledgement of these, would seem impossible, due to the amount of these spread over such a huge area of Ethiopia. What I show within these... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Builders of Africa p2.

Lesotho , South Africa , The Kingdom in The Sky , where the Ancient Builders of The Past Shaped the Mountains. Highlighted Topography For Height of Mountains Within this p2 of the ancient builders of the past in Africa , I am going to again highlight some of the areas of interest that I put... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Builders of Africa.

The Kingdom of Lesotho, South Africa , where you can witness Ancient Builders of the past, let nothing stand in their way when it comes to developing the land. Ancient Builders of Africa Lesotho. This will be a long post , for the details and description , and not least , the importance of it... Continue Reading →

The Ingenious Water People of Africa.

Pure ingenious thinking demonstrated by the Water People on many levels within Tunisia, North Africa, around a small Island where they were developing the area in unique ways using mysterious structures . These mysterious structures , which I have called " Ancient Arrows " for now , and I could have changed name to "Sand-hooks"... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Knowledge of a Spiral.

Before Walter Schauberger or Nicolas Tesla learned the secrets of nature , an ancient culture demonstrated in various ways around the world, that this knowledge was shared and used to develop the world as it is today. A simple Spiral helped develop the ideas for all . As stated in the various post's about how... Continue Reading →

The Eyes of Sahara in Africa.

Across the great Sahara Desert , from above it all and close observation , you will come across very mysterious markings upon the land. The markings include what seems to look like an "Eye" at times , and since they are around the Great Eye of Sahara, the name fits. Other markings that are just... Continue Reading →

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