The complex Ancient Arrows of Cambodia , placed within Tonie Sap Lake, demonstrate they have advanced understanding in Ancient Arrow design and use.

Note : This post is to show the ancient knowledge shared towards these Ancient Arrows in Cambodia connect with many other cultures in the world.

This subject is one of the hardest I am have ever had to research , for it would seem simple to just state them as fishing traps , but the other demonstrated uses seem valid in certain placements , as you will see if presented right . Which I will to try to do. Researching other uses can only be solved by information shared on such thoughts or information found.

Even if it is all just Ancient Fishing Traps, the connected understanding of this demonstrated world wide is still showing a deep connection to an ancient culture that shared it at onetime everywhere and is still yet unknown. All still very meaningful with the other structures presented around some of the Ancient Arrows that show more of an advanced thought towards how they design certain structures used in difference instances , like those huge arrows mentioned in last post and the underwater spirals in the other area. There is many levels of thinking going into ever structure created I believe, but most are just accepted as one thing , a trap.

Tonie Sap Lake , Cambodia

The amazing versatile Ancient Arrows of Cambodia show an immense understanding of using these structure’s to accomplish many tasks in waterways. From catching fish to managing watershed , or to just help with navigation of the area or where to place traps or manage in some manner the surrounding area. Many thoughts went into its complex design which is connected to similar structures worldwide.

More common than I realized while I researched more, the Ancient Arrows can be found everywhere in the world, even in North America, which I just found out about, since researching “ancient arrowhead-style fish traps”, but what is not easy to study are the other use’s that seem to be demonstrated from placement. Such as irrigation, navigation and land management .

For the most part of the placements of the Ancient Arrows within Tonie Sap lake,are used for the Catching of fish, but if you look into other areas and see different placement’s, you can guess they might also be used for other reason’s. Making these structures more impressive, because they are used to accomplish many task’s.

I will have to show multi levels within post to show proof of thoughts towards these being versatile structures.

First I will show the main objective of the Ancient Arrows , which is catching the fish , to show its incredible design.

Second, I will show how some of the Ancient Arrows can be seen connected and placed as though they are being used to manage watershed from flooded plains and how at times you can see that these structures are either build into land at one time or buried by the seasonal flooding of area. This will demonstrate to a certain degree, they were used for land development and management.

Last I will show how some Ancient Arrows are just placed as though to guide and show navigation of areas , or just directing where flow of water is, or where things should be worked or more.

First, the Ancient Arrows Fish Trap of Cambodia : Location 13° 0’48.50″N, 103°55’57.19″E

As you will see within images , some have a smaller one attached as though a stabilizer, some are joined , which is important to notice similarity to others I will show. Some images will show how many are placed and what it looks like from above , so you will also see similarity with another location that is harder to see but with a comparison you will tell. Some you will notice how they seem connected to the crop fields close by , where the intention is to have fish channeled from area into the fish traps , which is also a big part of the second thoughts mentioned on these structures.

Second , showing images to express thoughts that the Ancient Arrows were included in the management of maintaining the watershed of the plains surrounding main lake. Some look completely built into the land as though created not only to catch fish but the structure is placed as though to eventually create a stream to release water from flooded areas. They can be seen stretched from great distances all the way to an open area , or to even possible create one. So that would imply a second application and intention of use was included in design and layout of structures . Very ingenious and thinking on many levels.

Last but not least , the navigation of flooded areas , and the Ancient Arrows that seem to direct with more meaning. Like where to place your traps because water flows that way.

As you can see , the Ancient Arrows are used in different manners , but the structure is almost always the same in design , even when smaller , putting into question the whole design was thought of as doing multi task . The importance of these and many others being shown in the world to do numerous things and in a same style design , begs for the question of which culture first and how many levels are there into the design world wide and how many uses were intended . The connection these also connect with the Ancient Spirals is very unique also. For that is more towards land development which requires more work and more thoughts towards everything needed.

From this post and images shared , and a few other posts coming and already posted , I will have more of a chance to explain easier with similiar designs and thoughts being shown in placement and looks, that everything is connected. To go from a Fish trap, to pointer, to land management will take many instances of seeing it presented that way. Many thoughts might have went into every ancient structure designed.

Thanks for visiting . More coming .