Created by hand , created with purpose and beauty , the Underwater Spirals of Taiwan are more impressive as those shown in the post Underwater Spiral of Africa , because these do show a perfect intent to protect shore areas with construction of these Spiral shapes , to create a vortex that would help stop erosion , or create sand bars or just keep everything free from all of that .

Link to see information on these all being ancient tidal fish traps

As you can see with placement and that it is an actual structure , you can see it has more meaning than just a mere marking , it was created with great purpose , and I believe it was designed with other thoughts in design as well as catching fish, I believe it was also constructed an placed with land development as well , since they always have known the water vortex effect will erode areas where placed.

These Spirals , which is what I have come to call them, are shaped just like those used to create the Lakes of Africa , showing that common knowledge shared worldwide . These Spirals I found following those Ancient Arrows I just talked about in the previous post , because I went searching for more , and found a few in other places , and then noticed this Spiral Island , and then the rest around the area .

These Underwater Spirals in Taiwan could provide answers to all things connected , to help show everything has more meaning than realized.

Within a future post , I am sure as I show more that is in area , it will become impossible not to state that all these connections are due to a great unknown culture that has been sharing the Knowledge of Spirals for a very longtime.

Underwater Spirals Taiwan Location : 23°40’32.55″N,119°33’19.32″E

The ancients demonstrate around the world that many areas of the world have been worked using the knowledge they shared .

Hope it provides clues . More coming .