The Ancient Knowledge of a Spiral.

Before Walter Schauberger or Nicolas Tesla learned the secrets of nature , an ancient culture demonstrated in various ways around the world, that this knowledge was shared and used to develop the world as it is today. A simple Spiral helped develop the ideas for all .

As stated in the various post’s about how in Africa , Indonesia , Cuba , Australia and North America , I can show structures and markings that were used to either develop land or state something about area where its placed, that could provide clues to an ancient knowledge that was shared worldwide. The power of the shape of a Spiral is presented in many areas of life ,land and ideas.

As you study each area and the use of the spirals , you can see some are made to erode area , even if it takes a long time , as those shown in the created lakes of Africa, where time was not the issue.

Some are placed as though it is to show what is to be happening in area , like the previous post where an underwater Spiral in North Africa is shown, as though to direct expected flows to occur in area.

Some are structures or markings , that seem to have multi purposes of showing idea presented , as well as working land , like that shown in North America. Which demonstrates how to use the vortex power caused by the designed structure like the Tesla valve, to cause a certain section to erode faster underneath the mound structure within channels.

These examples clearly show understanding of the concepts , as well as ingenious thinking , like those two Gentlemen , I mentioned , where the power of a certain shape in nature creates a certain power if used correctly.

This knowledge and control of water, did help develop the land and allow them to create lakes , control rivers, and more. The basics of this knowledge has lead to what I believe as the Water People as being a main contributor with the shaping of the world.

This knowledge only improved as it became today as what we now know as “The Golden Ratio”. Its part of our everyday lives.

The images I show are from various post’s about the areas mentioned around the world that each have spirals, that are used in various ways, such as erode,clear,teach and develop.

The ancient knowledge of the natural power and shape of “The Golden Ratio ” , a spiral , shaped humanity as we see today. The mysterious understanding of this is still not fully known though from what I see. As though still waiting to be discovered and shared .

A couple videos from those two mentioned, who truly understood an ancient knowledge.

The Secrets of Water. : Walter Schauberger

The Tesla Valve : Nicolas Tesla

Thanks for visiting , more to come. Have a good day.


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