Splash Down.

I have been working in the background on presenting all of my studies within a video format, so I can express my thought upon it all a bit more clearly and show a more comprehensive post about it all. This is just a show of the small splash down video I have created to show... Continue Reading →

Land Before Time BitTubers.

Land Before Time BitTubers Keeping the mysterious markings on the land in view , where ever I am hanging out in time .. Many new finds and thoughts shared lately on BitTubers , while I strive to inform of the things I find intriguing upon the land around the world , that might in time... Continue Reading →

My YouTube Channel

In the mist of getting everything setup to broadcast my studies and thoughts to my YouTube channel . I am making sure I learn enough to present everything as best as I can with a bit of style included. This is the main reason for my silence lately , I am spending a lot of... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Builders of Africa p2.

Lesotho , South Africa , The Kingdom in The Sky , where the Ancient Builders of The Past Shaped the Mountains. Highlighted Topography For Height of Mountains Within this p2 of the ancient builders of the past in Africa , I am going to again highlight some of the areas of interest that I put... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Builders of Africa.

The Kingdom of Lesotho, South Africa , where you can witness Ancient Builders of the past, let nothing stand in their way when it comes to developing the land. Ancient Builders of Africa Lesotho. This will be a long post , for the details and description , and not least , the importance of it... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Arrows Of China.

Just as prolific as all the other Ancient Arrows of the World, these found in China, do provide enough visual proof of them being used in a different manner than just being a "Fish Trap". Note : "I only use word "Ancient Arrows" , even though these are still used today in many forms ,... Continue Reading →

The Pyramids Of Alaska P3.

The mysterious markings of what I named Pyramids of Alaska , are becoming more mysterious as I find more on other Islands with in the same area. As I have mentioned in the Previous post's about these and the Prehistoric Fish Trap found in same area, I believed they were marking the mountains within areas... Continue Reading →

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