A World Of Information.

This post is solely designed to share those that provide different thoughts on many varieties of subjects I either cover myself or find very interesting and important to share. All avenues of knowledge need to be explored if we are to ever solve the true history of our past. This list will contain links from... Continue Reading →

Beyond The Words.

My Perspective Of Ancient History. : https://youtu.be/ai0Dw6L4WUA The Ancient Grid Of Life. : https://youtu.be/-mXAXcfOs3Y The Ancient Grid Of North America : https://youtu.be/W5FnapH8YtA I Will Challenge The World About Ancient life! I Will. : https://youtu.be/r8fnYL1Tbnc The ancients left clues of life? : https://youtu.be/3iLRGybJdWc The Impossible Ancient Land Development : https://youtu.be/sbvc-OLAQ80 The Mystery of Chilcotin Lake? Canada... Continue Reading →

Zero Control

Nothing but the adventure of a lifetime. Zero Control The Scars of Our Ancient Past. https://youtu.be/mR4BkwwvSms The Dolmen Connection. https://youtu.be/mqI8xM76bCc Right through the mountain. : https://youtu.be/5PLOg9aNujg The Roman Equation. https://youtu.be/Qga68UCwTzc Who carved the mountains? P2 https://youtu.be/4RxrKcGs6QQ Who carved the mountains? P1 https://youtu.be/OLqtBe-aY2k Speaking my mind 2021 P2 https://youtu.be/UtuwMInJC2g Speaking my mind 2021 https://youtu.be/-h0CjPtvnoY Rock Scars... Continue Reading →

The Ancient Pathways Of North America.

Across The Great Canadian Shield of North America, mysterious long-lost pathways intertwine within the rocky landscape and vast waterways. Visible for miles flowing through the land as though controlling the direction of the water and land development. Some pathways still viable provide access to inaccessible areas today as maintained ice roads, while others erode from... Continue Reading →

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