Hardly a drop of water to be found in most of Australia, but there are plenty of Mystery Spirals to be found marked upon the ground.

These spirals in Australia can be found as single huge creations to huge groups of smaller spirals. They can be seen in the roughest of areas and placed as though they have some kind of intention by placing them in certain spots. Some can be seen underneath a more updated area, showing they have some age. While some I can show as still being made. I know they all have something to do with water, just like those I mention in Africa, but these seem more like a blessing, instead of actual use. With these mystery spirals are strange markings that can be seen around certain areas where work was being done to areas marked. As I will show in a future post the same styled spirals can be found in Africa. There are many mysterious markings around the world, even so-called pyramids in China, small ones, that are still being built to this day. The further I study some of these mysterious markings the more complex it becomes to understand what is really going on. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense that it is not covered that well in the world for information on many things.

Google Earth Map Of Spirals in Australia https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1PlSSfWRvjiRaohTi2UQzjOIZzEHnkJg&usp=sharing

The first image shows areas of Mystery Spirals.

Second Images show all Mystery Spirals in areas.

Just as I find with markings around the world, these are designed with something to do with water. Be it a blessing for rain as they work the area or just mark its importance of area being worked. As I will show in a post about the same spirals in Africa, it seems this a common knowledge shared but not discussed. All just mysterious it is.

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