Pure ingenious thinking demonstrated by the Water People on many levels within Tunisia, North Africa, around a small Island where they were developing the area in unique ways using mysterious structures .

These mysterious structures , which I have called ” Ancient Arrows ” for now , and I could have changed name to “Sand-hooks” , which are shown In North Africa , show an incredible ingenious understanding of a continued applied demonstration of using the power of a vortex created from certain shapes such as a spiral or anything that might create the vortex , was included in ever design placed .

As it is demonstrated from the structures placed , besides the deeper channels of water in area , the ingenious design of the structure being used shows they are thinking on many levels for that structure to do is job over time very naturally. Even when presented with a fish or what could be a crab or turtle on the end of the structure , it can still be explained as an extra level of thinking, such as being used as a weight , a sign pointing area to catch , or just the insight of area being worked and its importance. Around certain arrows you can also see they cared to maintain it with coral.

The structures seem to demonstrate an even further level where the arrows them-self are designed to create water vortex when hit face on by water and even from opposite direction , to counter balance the structure , and maintain position. Some look build in , some seem tethered and strung out. Some have half arrow , designed to stable it left or right when water flows around structure.

One more level still , the water passes over the structure and the design of ends capture sand within it weighting it down , maintaining position again , and even if moved creating a sand dump .

The entire structure is a very well thought out natural way of either trying to maintain area with sand or at least stop the erosion of it, or just the opposite.

The images I will present of area will include the main image to showcase the prolific use of the structures around area . Then a zoom in to see how the structures are placed on sides of deeper water channels as though to maintain the sand bar or widen the channel. Other images will be of the Fish of ends , and a few close ups of entire structure connected to others. I will also show the underwater spiral which I mentioned within area , just highlighted this time. I will add a few comments to images to showcase a thought on some in particular that show more worth of its use and ideas behind design .

The main image of area , once you get a bit closer and see where all structures are placed , you can really get the feeling they where trying to almost create what I see as a sea garden around area. Even areas where it would be deeper and more suitable for the things they wish to be in area. Very ingenious.

Ancient Arrows of North Africa Location : 11°18′40.8″E, 34°44′11.8″N

These structures connect to many other similiar structures around the world , but since they are in different areas , they use varies , but each seems to show they all knew about the ingenious use of using a created water vortex when it comes to working or developing areas of waterways . Such as The Ancient Arrows, Man-Made Lakes Of Africa or Underwater Spirals of Taiwan .

The Water People of Africa demonstrate in many areas, the full understanding of using , hard-work , time and nature to work many areas of interest . Provoking the wonder of how long has this been going on.

Thanks for dropping in , more to come.