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A World Of Information.

This post is solely designed to share those that provide different thoughts on many varieties of subjects I either cover myself or find very interesting and important to share.

All avenues of knowledge need to be explored if we are to ever solve the true history of our past.

This list will contain links from mostly the Youtube channels I subscribe to and find important to share as well as possible links and information to sites of interest. Things will be updated on this page as I further my own studies and find other relevant links to share.

This list will be presented in no particular order. All channels and links I use to gain information and knowledge.

Youtube Channels I subscribe to.

Paul Cook Channel

UAP Channel

The 5th Kind Channel

Michelle Gibson Channel

Темная сторона Channel

vlad9vt Channel

UnchartedX Channel

The Lost History Channel TKTC Channel

Blast World Mysteries Channel

Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries Channel

Brien Foerster Channel

newearth Channel

Ancient Architects

CGTN Channel

Montana Megaliths Channel

Mystery History Channel

Mystery History II Channel

PraveenMohan Channel

Static in the attic Channel

JonLevi Channel

JonLevi Off Topic Channel

David Stig Hansen Channel

Boaz Mysteries Channel

Charles K: History Videos Channel

Mirko Kulig Channel

DTTV – Archaeology Channel

DTTV Studios Channel

Hiroshi Hayashi Channel

Mind Unveiled Channel

Bright Insight Channel


Various online sites I use

Earth Explorer

Satellites Pro

Open Topo Map

Earth Google

My Google Earth Maps

Australia Spirals

Alaska Mysterious Markings.

Mystery X Algeria 2018

The Ancient Builders of Africa

Niger Eyes of Sahara

Ethiopia Ancient Puzzles

North America Manitoba

North America Water Mounds Show

Ancient Ice Roads Of North America

Star Forts

The World Mysteries Combined

Algeria Eyes Of Sahara

Ethiopia Africa P1

Ethiopia Star Maps & More 2020

Morocco Eyes of Sahara

Mauritania Eyes of Sahara

Lesotho The Kingdom In The Sky

Tibesti Mountains Mystery

Mali Eyes of Sahara

More will be added in time.

I hope it helps.


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