The Mysterious Ancient Carved Stone Of Turkey. The Wasusarma.

One of the most mysterious ancient carved stone to ever notice, can be found in Turkey.

Who created, what does it state, and where is the official report on such a discovery.

As I was researching the many mysterious ancient creations to be found in Turkey, I happened to come across a picture of a stone that is intricately carved with what looks like encryption hieroglyphs carved all over it. Where the exact location is a mystery. Who discovered it, the information or any details I have not been able to find at all, if you know of any please leave a comment. I managed to find out what it is and what is says :

This is the carved stone to be found in Turkey.

With a close examination of these inscribed encryption hieroglyphs, certain symbols seem very similar to those that can be found in the mysterious carvings of Australia, called the Gosford Glyphs.

Is it all related?

Who created it?


What does it say?

This is the location you can find the image of the rock within Google Earth pictures.

If anyone has any information of this carved stone in Turkey, please relay a message in the comments so I can find more information.

I hope it all informs and you have a good day.

A Video showing this find :

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