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The Water People of Russia.

While some get all excited about one floating island in Argentina , Russia provides so many to see , you can watch them go around and around. All over the world , you can see many areas of waterways , lakes and rivers , filled with floating islands , either man-made or natural. The ones... Continue Reading →

Prehistoric stone fish trap discovered on another Alaska island.

22 meters above sea level , on the Alaska island of Atka , you can find a prehistoric stone fish trap, making it the second to be found in the Alaska area, that I know of, which are close to those other mysterious markings that I mentioned in previous post. Note : Since this and... Continue Reading →

The Pyramids Of Alaska P2.

From the Islands of The Four Mountains to the small town of Unalaska, there are mysterious markings to be found that look like Pyramids marked or mountains as I explained in previous post about them , as well as other mystery markings that are truly bizarre and unique within the area. Note : Even though... Continue Reading →

The Secret Lake Of North America.

So who built this Secret Lake of North America , for it is not named and it shows ingenious thoughts went into developing it, so it should be known by someone. As I have stated in the previous post about it "Did the Water People Invent the Tesla Valve Before Tesla ? it looks like... Continue Reading →

The Water Spirals Of Cuba.

Just as enigmatic as the Mystery Water Spirals found around the world in several places I have mentioned so far , the Water Spirals of Cuba connect with them all in some unknown manner. The Water People traveled the world and shared a basic knowledge to expand all waterways to what ever desire . With... Continue Reading →

The Water Spirals Of Indonesia.

5000 miles away from Africa in Semayand Lake, Indonesia , you can come across Water Spirals just like I have shown in the Lakes of Africa. They are not as impressive and can only be found in one area , because not to many waterways presented , and I got lucky seeing these , for... Continue Reading →

The Floating Islands of The Water People Of Africa.

Once again, Africa has some truly amazing creations from the Water People who made all these Floating Islands in and around Lekki Lagoon. Location : 4°11′54″E,6°34′34.3″N These structures are very unique compared to the Floating Islands I have already shown in other areas . These have more design involved and I am not sure why... Continue Reading →

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