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A Masterpiece Of Cliff Paintings In The South American Amazon Jungle, Might Connect To So Much More In The North American Waterways?

Could it be beyond mere coincidence? That a masterpiece of cliff paintings found in the deep Amazon jungle in South America, show a very close resemblance to the many cuttings and carvings of water channels found around and within many waterways of North America? The amazing similarities in style and design of two different creations.... Continue Reading →

The Amazing Use Of Geometry In South America

Perseverance does pay off. As I travel the world above it all, searching for answers to our deep mysterious past, I sometimes find great things of interested for my study, by shear perseverance to find the answers. That has happened in South America, where I have come across one of the methods used by the... Continue Reading →

The Water People Of South America

Just as intricate and detailed as the mysterious shapes and markings in Africa, which I mentioned in the last couple of posts , are the incredible markings of the Yungas Foothills in Bolivia. Yungas Foothills in Bolivia. Yungas Foothills in Bolivia. Within the Yungas Foothills you can see many lakes and waterways that all interconnect... Continue Reading →

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