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The Ancient Pathways Of North America.

Across The Great Canadian Shield of North America, mysterious long-lost pathways intertwine within the rocky landscape and vast waterways. Visible for miles flowing through the land as though controlling the direction of the water and land development. Some pathways still viable provide access to inaccessible areas today as maintained ice roads, while others erode from... Continue Reading →

Scars Of An Unknown Past.

Across North America, scars of an unknown past gouged into the land provoke questions. Within the roughest of terrain and the toughest of geology, those scars provide evidence of land development, unknown to most. From the many land developments across all North America that provide examples of being engineered, one particular area, Lake Manitoba, presents... Continue Reading →

Time Is On Your Side.

If you realize time is on your side, it would dramatically influence your decisions in life. Your every thought and action would include utilizing time with everything you do in life. Over time you would become proficient at making time to work for you. This mindset to use time efficiently within every decision made can... Continue Reading →

Last Mountain Lake

There is a legend to tell of the Last Mountain Lake that tells the tale the lake's name is for a Plains Cree legend about the Great Spirit shovelling dirt from the lake valley. However, science states a different view, that the Last Mountain Lake, also known as Long Lake, is a prairie lake formed... Continue Reading →

The Deception Of Many Lifetimes.

How much culture, experience and knowledge of many lifetimes are unknown because of deceitful practices to keep it hidden? That question arises as I continuously dive deeper into the mysterious wonders of the world presented. With each new find, a conspicuous practice of placing these sites within a protective cover is apparent. The deception practiced... Continue Reading →

The Zigzag Power.

There is a deep understanding shown in using the power that a zigzag can create if used wisely? This understanding is demonstrated overwhelmingly in North America with the many creations of waterways, such as lakes and rivers. Within or around those lakes or rivers, one can find many examples of zigzag cuttings or channels which... Continue Reading →

A Work In Progress.

Within some period of time in our long lost ancient past, a vast amount of diverse knowledge about land development has swept across this world enough to shape most of what we all see around us today, but it is still "A work in Progress"'To understand this statement, one must include that every idea implemented... Continue Reading →

A Masterpiece Of Cliff Paintings In The South American Amazon Jungle, Might Connect To So Much More In The North American Waterways?

Could it be beyond mere coincidence? That a masterpiece of cliff paintings found in the deep Amazon jungle in South America, show a very close resemblance to the many cuttings and carvings of water channels found around and within many waterways of North America? The amazing similarities in style and design of two different creations.... Continue Reading →

The Ingenious Ancient Tradition.

If the force of nature and the erosion of time were used efficiently, we could shape the world. Well, I believe we have. There are many demonstrations from around the world where nature, such as water, and how it interacts with its surroundings in time, is immensely used to help shape the land. From the... Continue Reading →

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