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The Ancient Pathways Of North America.

Across The Great Canadian Shield of North America, mysterious long-lost pathways intertwine within the rocky landscape and vast waterways. Visible for miles flowing through the land as though controlling the direction of the water and land development. Some pathways still viable provide access to inaccessible areas today as maintained ice roads, while others erode from further work in other locations through time. They are prolific and traverse over and around the toughest of terrain. From the mountains to the lowest sections of the land, trailing through rivers and lakes, providing a seasonal path to the vast lands beyond are accomplished. Controlling all that might travel on them or near, be it beast, man or material from the ground.

To fully provide ample thought-provoking evidence that the Ancient Pathways mentioned are a creation, other than naturally, such as the Ice Age. Included will be the various YouTube videos I have made and the Google Earth Map.

As you view The Great Canadian Shield from above, a dis-colorization of the land flowing in various directions is noticeable. A closer inspection reveals long pathways intertwining with the landscape across vast areas of land. Some are still currently used as Ice Roads and maintained but only used during winter. The rest seem eroded and worn away. Similar in structure and material, many pathways indicating a close resemblance to each other. Some closely, resembling a modern creation, such as a dike built-up of common rocks, gravel and sand.

Within this Google Earth Map provided, I have split The Great Canadian Shield with various markings of all the Ancient Pathways I could find. On the left side, the light blue color, and on the right red, yellow on either side. The Yellow, indicating a closer view in Google Earth. Red and Light Blue close-up view using ArcGis. The various names used to highlight mentioned pathways due to location or how it traverses across the land and waterways.

These images presented show the similarities of a modern dike structure, built up of rocks, compared to some of the Ancient Pathways built up of River Rocks and sand.

This is a close up view of what those ridges look like. A built structure of river rocks and material like they were made to be long pathways and act as dikes also. Usable through all seasons. Mentioned in one of the videos about subject.
This view of what I call an Ancient pathway, you can see the River Rocks throughout the entire structure. Very Similar to a modern dike and very versatile as a pathway across waterways.
Caniapiscau Reservoir dam, North America.

As you view the prolific arrangement of the pathways traversing across the rough terrain and thousands of waterways, familiar ridges of the paths can be recognized. More distant views from different distances provide many instances of this occurring all across the Canadian Shield in the same manner, shown through the dis-colorization of the land around them. A closer view reveals the path.

While traversing across the land, these ridges will cross many elevations of rocky surroundings, immense sand, and thousands of waterways. The pathway will, at times, create more questions than answers to the structure’s creation. I can present many instances where it shows the interaction of possible dredging, at the same time, look pilled by hand.

There are many arguments and evidence I could provide of these structures, or what I have called Ancient Ice Roads, Ancient Pathways, being off a collective ingenious manned effort than that of a natural existence because of an Ice Age Glacier placing all of these useful paths in such a manner. There are many examples of dredging I can include within areas in close proximity to all of this that will add to my claims. Most of which I have covered in the many mysterious findings I have mentioned about North America, such as the Tesla lake, The many water Mounds, and much more.

The conversation is far more complex than a simple post where I try to get every detail written out. The videos I have been providing will explain more and more as I improve what I can show and share. This subject will in no time come to an end. It will be included in further posts and possibly updated and added too in time.

All YouTube Presentations of the subject : Ancient Ice Roads of north America..

Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 1 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 2 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 3 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 4 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 5 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 6 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 7 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 8 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 9 :
Ancient Ice Roads Of North America P 10 :

Ancient Ice Roads Of North America Final P 1 :

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