Absolute Full Control of The World.

Who are the controllers of this world, working in the background unknown to most, shaping it all as they see fit? Are they influenced by an ancient past?

What if I can show you that there is a deep mystery shown around the world which I have managed to come across while searching for answers? that provide evidence there is something, someone, controlling a huge part of all life, such as immense land developments that helped shape this world. Would it surprise you? It surprised me.

Within the last several years of my life, I have spent many hours viewing the world from above it all, while compiling an amazing amount of proof, that most of all the land, all the waterways, even some mountains have been competently worked, shaped and controlled by ancient mankind, and the work, creations and knowledge survives to this day and still is being implemented.

The proof I present today will focus mainly on North America and the latest mounds, cuttings, and workings of the land and waterways, that I have recently come across that will add to it all. Also, I will try to explain the various stages which are used during this huge organized controlled workings of an entire country, if not the world.

From my recent finds within North America, my most fascinating piece of the puzzle, are the ZigZag Cuts as I call them, which I found mostly around a river system that clearly demonstrates that the technique is used to expand that area were placed into a much larger waterway. This is just one of the stages being used, while ingeniously using time and nature to slowly erode the area itself by using the design alone.

There are many stages which they combine to accomplish all this immense work across the land, which is ingenious in its own right. Each stage requires the intense marking of the land, flattening, and controlling all waterways by whatever means required for the area being worked. Each stage requires different uses of cutting in various styles, different shapes and placement of water mounds created and styled tree lines planted for a reason, to further the work.

The latest finds which I have come across within North America, other than the ZigZag cuts mention, I have found very uniquely created and placed Water Mounds, that clearly show an organized knowledge used across the entire country, using all these various stages and steps in land development. The thousands of water mounds that can be shown across all of North America, when combined with the many cuttings and other stages being used, fully provide evidence of full control of many waterways, if not all of them?

This next stage I will mention is about the idea that ingenious land developments always include the use of time and nature to complete most of the work necessary to help develop the land. Time and nature were on their side, you could say.

With everything being planned and implemented across all North America, the thoughts of including time and nature to do most of the work for you was used within everything they created. From the mere planting of trees within certain shapes and lines and various styles, then uprooting them to create waterways, rivers, and lakes, to cutting water mounds in various ways to agitate the water to further the erosion process or decrease it, to the incredible long spans of time needed for a certain carved section of land to become a floating island and erode away in time naturally. These stages and steps of controlling all the planning of the land developments to included time and nature pays off to this day and is still very much in use.

All of these stages can be shown being used around the world in various similar fashions. Full Control of the entire world can be shown throughout it all. The stages and steps seem to have swept the entire world, as though a certain knowledge sprang up and dominated and still does in the land itself, using time and nature as your helping hands. Very ingenious indeed, it leads to many thoughts, and there is so much more to understand and share about it. Working on much, much, more.

Thanks for the visit I hope it informs.

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