The Ice Age Cover-Up.

On a warm sunny day in North America, the truth shines on the land as bright as the sun, melting “The Ice Age Cover-Up”.

Presenting more than just the beauty reflecting within the average 2.5 million lakes within North America, there is ample proof of a deep mystery carved into every aspect of its creation. Scars from a hidden past of dedicated workers shaping the land that surrounds them into immense flatland, which has been divided and controlled by incredible well thought out and direct manipulation of many waterways using various ingenious methods of land development.

This is a presentation of The Ice Age from 19001 BCE to 4728 BCE and how it is predicted as proceeding across north America by science, while the Pins and Marked locations are all the discrepancies of Lake creations, rives controlled, huge cuttings, scars and canals that are all created in a very unique and connected way, which could contest against the notion of Ice Age creating it all or even existing in the first place. Which is shown in many of my post’s about north America and the Water Mounds.

Through out North America within the 2.5 million lakes, the vast river systems, and huge open plains of nature, is a deep undertaking of land development using ingenious methods I have mentioned, such as the amazing water mounds stretched from one corner of the country to the other, and this The Secret Lake Of North America. . The combined knowledge shown in the creation of the lakes, the expansion of the rivers and the directing of there reach, and size, using many other methods, provides evidence to question how the ice age cover-up should be contested.

The more you study the huge amount of evidence, which should include every inch I have and will mention about it all, in many post’s, will show why contesting to science being used as “cover-up” to hide the incredible land developments, is warranted.

The shear amount of work can be shown on such huge scales and with such ingenious methods, it begs for understanding.

As I have learned over this several years accumulating and adding up all these mysterious pieces of a bigger puzzle, my contesting nature shall only grow, while the awe of my discoveries, which has been a very long and bumpy ride of doubt sometimes, my understanding of it all will be known in time.

The deeper I go into the mystery of it all, the more alone I sometimes feel within it, The awe is breathtaking, while also suffocating in a certain way if you can not share it the right way, You just live within its wonder.

Working on getting it out more and more, truth deserves to shine in all our lives, as bright as the sun does, daily.

Thanks for the visit, I hope it it informs.

So much more to come.


  1. […] The ingenious use of using a ZigZag cut within the area of a river to further enlarge sections of that river system using nature and time is demonstrated in many various but similiar ways across all of North America. Some include the many uses of water mounds within the planning as well. Once you realize he amount of waterways being shown to be fully planned and created using these various stages and steps, you do realize that what mankind explains about the workings of the land is vastly wrong, including the Ice Age, which I contest. […]


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