The Complex Evolution Of Land Development.

The evolution of land development upon this world is far more complex than anything I was expecting when I first set out to find answers to our true past.

From the mountains, to the valleys and the plains, a complex global understanding of land development can be shown as emerging from the southern parts of the world, such as South America, Australia and Africa, that swept across the land and evolved as you move further North .

One of the stages of this evolving knowledge demonstrated globally, starts of with a very simple common undertaking of planting trees into a certain shape to indicate as well as prepare the land to be worked in a particular way. This is shown in three particular areas which I mention in these posts : The Geometric Wonders Of Australia. The Amazing Use Of Geometry In Argentina . Then the next stage would require the pulling of those trees that have weakened the land, and turn it into waterways, either holding the water or directing it, while further enlarging it all.

This practice of creating certain shapes into large areas of Water reservoirs, lakes and river systems is again further shown with the huge undertakings around the world using the simple triangle dam lakes which is commonly used immensely through out history. These can be shown across the entire world in some form.

Another huge stage and just as complex, is the land development of the mountains from a huge flat plateau, into a valley feeding the plains with water, such as I present within Lesotho, Africa, The kingdom of the Sky . The shear magnitude of the immense land developments being achieved in such rough terrain, while maintaining some order in its final outcome is more complex than I was ever expecting, but it is there to see.

The further North you go across the land, the more relaxed the land developments become, because the land itself is now being worked on a much larger scale. Also the markings of the work being done further North start becoming more complex, such as The Eyes of Sahara in Africa., & Ethiopia, One Big Piece Of An Ancient Puzzle. , as well as The Mystery Water Mounds of North America & The Alaskan Connection and so much more.

As each area further North presents so many different terrains being worked the complex knowledge demonstrated from the south to the North is presented in a very complex and individual way but also very connected and similar to each other. The drive and dedication to controlling the land from the very tops of it all, to the flattest parts, seems to have been very controlled from the start. Each stage building and adding onto the next, furthering the outcome of a very complex huge plan for the land.

Once you realize how much land has been worked by mankind using nature and time in a very complex way, true respect for the past arises in ones own mind.

There is so much more to this all. It is all so immense and connected more than most could ever imagine. In time it will be known and taught. The truth of our true history matters more than ever. It is in our best interests to demand for the truth of it all. If they will not present it, I will.

Working on it always. Thanks for the visit.


  1. […] As I have mentioned within many posts about North America, the use of using water mounds within thousands of waterways, from rivers to lakes, or isolation, the use is an immense factor to include towards all the land development happening around them. each section using the water mounds in any various style of form is created with a purpose that will include time and patients to complete in certain areas and terrain and geology. These I mention here, where i talk about how all the Triangle shape lakes are created to help shape the land. […]


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