There are many mysterious markings around the world that will provide clues to our true ancient past, but none as mysterious as those found in Ethiopia,Africa.

The unknown presence or acknowledgement of these, would seem impossible, due to the amount of these spread over such a huge area of Ethiopia.

What I show within these images are just the like the mysterious geometric symbols I have shown in previous posts from Argentina and Australia, where something planted into a certain shape, symbol or pattern will control the work in area done.

These somewhat seem to be of different standing, almost implying a different stage in the development of the land, where the final call out for certain work or future outcomes is being named or marked. The symbols and shapes and everything included, seem more informative to those that would notice them.

These marking, structure’s or planted trees or bushes are to encourage, direct or command, further work being done in area placed.

These are not dwellings for life, even though they might provide temporary cover or used as such.

If you take into account that what you are looking at is something seen easier from above, how do we account for anyone in the past to be seeing it at all, except from a higher point of advantage.

The many symbols marked by these mysterious wonders placed within other larger puzzles, are also shown off and isolated by themselves, indicate a greater influence and meaning in area used as well as symbol chosen. These I show are what I have come across so far shown in many areas. Each would have its own meaning towards what it implies. like Alpha and Omega, which is within those shown but might not be implied

These images I add to show more to add thought.

The more you realize that the many markings around the world being used to inform and control the work upon huge sections of land across the world, the more you would finally be able to answer so questions towards it all. Recognizing what has gone on and how you can still witness it marked upon the land today, is the key to figuring out the biggest puzzle of-life itself. The story is written on the land for all to see, it just needs to be recognized, understood and shared in time.

More will add to this all in time, working on it.

Thanks for the visit, I hope it informs.