Lesotho , South Africa , The Kingdom in The Sky , where the Ancient Builders of The Past Shaped the Mountains.

Within this p2 of the ancient builders of the past in Africa , I am going to again highlight some of the areas of interest that I put within the New map I will share here.

Just like I did with the first post , I will be showing a group of images of cuttings through rocky areas and mountains , as well as many hard compacted ridges .

Before you can really witness the greatness of this work being done in the past towards this entire mountains region , I would recommend watching this short video of the area . https://vimeo.com/258940152

My main focus this time will be on the ridges and some incredible cuttings through those mountains and explain how it was possible done .I will also at the end present a great mysterious area that looks like it could possible be very important in the past.

This will be the map I am working from and everything I mention within this post can be found within it. I will also switch between programs I show images from since either one at times shows a better image to see. I am going to do my best to present the fact that all these markings are ancient and some of the work around some of these markings are still used or being worked upon to this day . Most of everything if used , is being built on the backbone of an ancient time.

Everything I present will either be within Lesotho or from surrounding areas.

My first focus will be on some of the ridges you can see , where whatever manner they used to cut through rocky areas would leave hard compacted ridges through out the areas as well. My thoughts towards how these where created is a simple as them dragging huge rocks around , up and over the mountains creating either cuts or these ridges which I will show .

As you can see within many areas where these ridges occur , most of them go up the sides of one across the top and over to the other side , as though something huge and heavy was dragged right across the top a very long time ago , long enough for erosion to erode most or some of the work done completely away. Some ridges look as though they might have been walls at one time , but are so old and demolished by erosion and time , they do not resemble walls at all.

In this next section I am going to show some more cuttings but the focus will be on the unique ones that appear on the sides of the canyons and some that show how deep of an imprint occurred because whatever was used managed to create ridges on either side of cuttings. Some of these look like they were made when the ground was softer or something like that for them to leave such a marking on the now rocky ground you see.

Now as you get familiar to what was being done in the area and you can see the ridges in many places and the cuttings , were all intended in some way to help with the shaping of the mountains in to perfectly shaped areas to create terrace farms , which are everywhere within Lesotho , from the highest of peaks on the mountains to the lowest parts. Also it looks as though when they were working every inch of these mountains , they would either create dams now and then with those huge rocks being dragged into specific places to maybe flood and remove material in time using the force of water. They also look like they possible created channels of water now and then within some of the carved cuttings . The oldest of everything now looks just like natural mountains , but with better understanding of what they did you do realize that everything is fully worked to the state we see them as of today, but just like I have notice around the world , the work all of a sudden stopped.

Within these couple of images I will show where the ridge will cross a river and something is left from that ancient time that was a bridge maybe or wall , or maybe even an aqueduct or something of that nature .

Now I did not highlight every single ridge within this area of South Africa , because there are plenty more everywhere. I basically searched for the best to showcase within the map. Some markings are very old and hard to realize what they are but once you recognize what was accomplished , you recognize the scarring you see upon the land is a very old scar.

From all that can be seen from all the cuttings been done and the ridges , and the actual discoloration of whole areas surrounding Lesotho , you can clearly see how much of those mountains were being worked and removed , flattened and cut up .

I could have presented more cuttings that are shown within the map , but I do believe a video will present everything better , so that will becoming up next.

This final section I am going to show , has ridges and cuttings around it , but also what seems to be a unique carving which could be special in ancient times and even now. It looks as though there also might be carved caves near the possibly created structure.

Location on a map https://satellites.pro/#-28.640511,28.942360,18

As you become familiar to what was possibly accomplished in the past within this area and surrounding areas , by using something of very heavy weight to cut , and shape these mountains is a absolute huge undertaking. When you watch that video of Drakensberg Mountains and you see the scale of them , and then look to all those cuttings and work within these mountains on the side of them , and up and over some of them , it becomes some what unreal to see. The true mysterious thing about all this is, it could be completely worked , and the oldest of the workings just look as natural as ever.

There will be a lot more covered about this coming up in a video .

This area is one of the most important areas I could have ever wished to find , it will help me show the many workings in the rest of the world done in a similar manner.

I hope it informs , thanks for the visit. More to come.