The Water People of Russia.

While some get all excited about one floating island in Argentina , Russia provides so many to see , you can watch them go around and around.

All over the world , you can see many areas of waterways , lakes and rivers , filled with floating islands , either man-made or natural. The ones I am going to show in this short post are within Russia and present some great examples of these floating islands being made very easily and everywhere .

Within the images I will show main area and the view of how many lakes you can see , then the basic zoom in to main perfectly round man-made lakes with floating islands within, as well as an animation of a lake with more, moving within.

As you can see from main image , there are hundreds of lakes presented, and this is just one area, and all of these have been done the same way as those you see with floating islands within. They would create certain patterns in areas using tree lines to weaken ground , as well as connect one lake to another through streams and channels, to create erosion effects in area , and many more steps I am sure. The result would be a floating island, like those found in Africa and elsewhere around the world , which I will present in future posts. Even though some Floating Islands are man-made with reeds and such , as they describe here , the Floating Islands in Russia are being basically cut out of the land by certain methods of using water to do the job of floating sections of land. I have seen some as big as a half a mile , floating around in Russia.

As stated within previous post’s about the subject of Water People and the many connections around the world that demonstrated that all these waterways are being made in a common style , from common knowledge shared puts forth the argument a certain culture managed to travel the world with great knowledge of how to do it and shared it everywhere. As stated in the post, Man-made Lakes Of Africa, I believe a culture just might have travelled on a floating island across the world and shared there knowledge about it.

As stated in the Wikipedia page on Floating Islands , it mentions this

“Explosive volcanic eruptions may create pumice rafts, which can float on the ocean for months or even years before becoming fully saturated and sinking. ” .

Imagine someone floating around on one of those Islands and it manages to stay to together for you , and you had a house built somewhat , food, maybe even a pet , and you survive the trip to the country next door , which took months by the way . It could have happened .

Now with this animation of Floating Islands within Russia, I wanted to show this, not just for the idea they do float , but to show how they do go around and around , which I suspect they wanted to expand and let erosion do its job , by breaking islands down as well edges of lake.

There is a lot more to come from many areas of the world to gain a better understanding of how some culture , from a certain part of the world , managed to teach everyone how to create many of all waterways in the world. Everyone might have chosen their own style , but everywhere it is shown that is was known and done.

There will be more to come from this subject and how they are made.

I hope it informs , thanks for visit. More coming about the floating islands for sure.


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