On the shore of Mellita , Tunisia , Africa , close to all the other Ancient Arrows mentioned in last post , and others , you can come across another demonstration of more , but this time they are huge .

Created on the edge of the coast of Mallita , reaching out almost a mile , while just one can stretch 254 ft one side of the arrow , and they show purpose of through design as to protect area from erosion or create it .

Now some might exclaim these as not being very old or important as I state . I hope in time through further demonstrations of the fact they are connected worldwide to many other similiar mysterious structures that demonstrate a great deal of work being done around area placed and developed is an ancient shared knowledge . These structures and work being done around them also take an immense amount of work and time, which is doubled due to fact of how they achieve things without worrying about time and using nature to accomplish goals, which is very impressive and thought provoking as-well.

These structures might not be so unique if it were not for the fact they do connect to so many more , and demonstrating an ingenious way of completing certain tasks at hand using the Power of a Water Vortex created by certain flows of water flowing around certain structures in different ways. Within the images I share, I had to use both programs Google Earth and ArcGis to get a better scope of structures in area through different images available to see and map them out to see full size . Some are very deep and can not be seen otherwise. The images will include where you can see one has broken of , because they do move , and that one is located a bit further up by itself. As you can see within areas , they show areas where you can see original placement then , marks to a few feet further. These demonstrate for sure they are not intended in anyway to be used to catch fish, just pure intent to control area. These I post to show actual proof of a certain intent on some of these , for the next Ancient Arrows covered change and the use might be a sight bit different to explain or understand . The need to showcase that the multi use of these is crucial for understanding .

Next up will be The Ancient Arrows near Angkor Wat , which is mentioned in this post , Ancient Arrows of The World .

Note : These all still could be for “erosion” of land in water area placed . That I believe could come into play more in next area I mention post about, Cambodia .

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