Africa , Brazil, Cuba, Indonesia, Riau Islands, Cambodia, and India , all use an “Ancient Arrow” marking or structure to guide the way.

The various arrow structures or markings I am about to show are very difficult to actually understand what they are for, because just seeing one group ends in just guessing , But if you get the chance to see more examples , placed in the certain ways or within different areas around the world, you can start to get a better perspective of possible purpose being shown and used.

When I first Noticed these in Indonesia , which is not the actual first-time , I noticed these a very longtime ago , but they confused me , so I just marked them down , and I am glad I did , because now there important. When you first look at these around waterways that they are placed in or around , you can at times see fish or certain shapes at the end of the arrows , leaving one to wonder if its just to catch fish , like a trap, but as you see more in other areas and how they are used differently , your thoughts change towards use in all areas .

As you find more through the way they are placed and the area they are in, seem to suggest another use , like controlling water , like those in Cambodia , where the actual structure is almost build into the area and floats when flooded , and these arrows connect to main crop lands near Angkor Wat. Its as though these arrows are to control water and also warn of areas that you might want to avoid with boats. As though directing . It could be even more.

The ones that you find in Indonesia , seem to float up when water is low and direct around certain islands within channel in area. Some do have a fish at end . The way they are shaped , seems to point to something more. Almost at times direct how area should expand, pointing out where land or water should be moved or expanded.

Those you find In Africa , they have what looks like crabs and fish on most ends of arrows placed . Most are placed in certain positions as though again to direct where to go safely, where to fish or catch crab, or to extend area to bring them in. There are a lot there to observe. These are the first I ever found , that have me guessing for a very longtime.

As you get to observe these in many different areas and different forms , you start to see that they might not be what you guess and end up being more . From the beginning , with doubt I have always thought they are just markings again that are directing , a lesson , a grateful persistent marking of the way to go or proceed in area towards area.

The last area I will mention finalized my own thoughts that these are to always direct to what should be done in a area placed and what to expect or accomplish.

Within India , Chilika Lake , you come across , within the lake a carved out square area , and within it are “Ancient Arrows” , expressing the desire to expand the square already cut. Then surrounding that are so many more , all intended to inform you as you float over it, what you should be doing , which is expand , and control all that entire waterway. I was very thankful to find this area to have a somewhat conclusion to what is going on with these “Ancient Arrows”. I could have called these fishhooks , but it did not seem fitting.

I will present all areas mentioned with locations for all to view.

Presented through Google Earth or ArcGIS.

I will start of with the already mentioned arrows from Indonesia , and move to areas around next , and end with the best that can be shown for their worth with presenting answers to their use , in India.

Ancient Arrows Indonesia Location : 0°15’42.29″S,116°24’49.86″E

Ancient Arrows Riau Islands Location : 3°39’11.27″N,108° 8’45.41″E

Ancient Arrows Cambodia Location : 13° 3’36.03″N,104° 6’36.20″E

Ancient Arrows Brazil Location : 9°18’6.43″S, 35°23’31.65″W

Ancient Arrows Cuba Location : 22° 9’2.65″N, 81°51’58.65″W

Ancient Arrows Africa Location : 34°42’4.31″N, 11°19’57.59″E

Ancient Arrows Chilika Lake, India Location : 19°43’9.46″N, 85°22’5.77″E

As you can observe from area to area around the world , this knowledge and using of Arrows or pointers to direct and improve the area was a common knowledge shared . They all-might have a difference in use in areas placed , such as direct expansion , directing where to go , what to do , what to expect. All these might have more reasons than I have even gotten to notice as of yet . They are truly a mysterious marking on this world that seem to connect a culture with ingenious ways to communicate in the past.

I hope it informs . Thanks for the visit. More coming. Much more.