Across the great Sahara Desert , from above it all and close observation , you will come across very mysterious markings upon the land. The markings include what seems to look like an “Eye” at times , and since they are around the Great Eye of Sahara, the name fits. Other markings that are just as interesting and meaningful , are what I called Directions , and mystery circles. Each marking can be showed in various areas and in various styles, because of placement, meaning or material being used or area. I have been trying to figure these out for a very longtime. I have shared the information about them also just as long, like images and thoughts on it.

The latest I could state other than what I have original posted here Eyes of Sahara , because of the latest discoveries of the Water People being very obsessed with Floating Islands and controlling all waterways , is I would add , that all these markings have something to do with helping with all that.

I will be showcasing some images of the Eyes of Sahara in the sections marked in the map shown , and include links to see the maps them-self.

Note about what you get to see in maps.

I named most of things during study , like left eye , right eye , because I had a feeling it was important to watch how they were placed in areas since there are so many. I named somethings special , and put stars beside them because as I have studied , I have tried to share , so naming was important to possible go back at anytime and find. I mark thousands of things.

Second note on this . If studied correctly , like I have always stated for these markings , you will see that a great deal of land development went on around them

Maps to all that I have located in Africa, other than those in Ethiopia, which has incredible markings also, just a mysterious, which I will cover in a future post .

Tibesti Mountains Mystery

Mali Eyes of Sahara

Algeria Eyes Of Sahara

Niger Eyes of Sahara

Mauritania Eyes of Sahara

Morocco Eyes of Sahara

Side Note : There are some that are also trying to figure it all out , just like me. One I would like to mention is ” Twenty Years in Taiwan ” , his latest video can be found there .. Interesting it is getting, when we question it all.

Thanks for visiting , I hope it provides clues .