Did the Water People of North America invent the “Tesla Valve” . There is a Man-Made Lake in North America that shows a strange carving that looks particularly like it is showing a Tesla Valve . Split in two so as if to advise how you can handle a particular area of water to control the flow as you move the floating pieces of land in certain parts of a rough river . It seems to demonstrate how you could construct such an area as well as manage the flow of water with construction. Since I now have this in mind, I can prove that it was done in certain areas in various ways. This particular carving is truly incredible also because it is showing how to join to areas of flowing water while controlling it.

This is what a Tesla Valve can do : A Tesla Valve, called by Tesla a Valvular Conduit, is a fixed-geometry passive check valve. It allows a fluid to flow preferentially in one direction, without moving parts. Imagine that on a huge scale for areas of flowing water . Ingenious. Link for more information Tesla Valve

Location : 108°28′35.5″W, 50°34′17.1″N

In many places around the world , you can come across many unusual markings that do not make any sense , because people are usually looking at it all wrong. I can truly state that some are marked to teach , like this one. The fundamentally importance’s of passing knowledge , when you dont have any other means than the land to use , you end up with markings of all kinds.

Hope you find insight . Thanks for checking it out. More coming , I have a lot to show.